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Arms and Armour

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Glasgow Museums has an internationally significant collection of arms and armour. It consists of approximately 7,200 objects and 3,000 related manuscripts, and dates from 2500 BC to AD 2000.

This collection includes arms and armour from Europe, with notable pieces from the Low Countries, Italy, France, Spain and Germany, and a sizable collection of Scottish items. It represents all the major components of arms and armour, including complete armours and helmets, shields, swords and other edged weapons, spears, lances, halberds and crossbows. It also encompasses firearms, ranging from early muskets, pistols and related equipment to modern pistols, rifles, shotguns and machine guns. In addition, the collection holds a small cannon, shells and cannon balls, which illustrate the development of larger-calibre weapons. There is a large assemblage of military riding equipment, such as spurs and horse armour. Iconic pieces in the collection include the complete armour for man and horse made for the 1st Earl of Pembroke in about 1550, and the celebrated Avant Armour from Milan, which dates from 1440 and is considered to be the earliest near-complete plate armour in the world.

The collection encompasses the RL Scott Library, an extensive archive of rare and unique books, manuscripts and other ephemera that relate to medieval fighting practice.