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Glasgow Museums has a collection of more than 120,000 botanical specimens. These date from the late 18th century to the present.

This collection comprises the original Glasgow Museums civic collection, of 50,000 specimens, also known as ‘GLAM’; the University of Strathclyde (formerly Andersonian/Royal College) collection, of 11,000 specimens, known as ‘GGO’; and the University of Glasgow’s Botany Department collection, of 63,000 specimens, known as ‘GL’. It contains representative material from the plant and fungi kingdoms – algae, mosses and liverworts (bryophytes), flowering plants and ferns, and fungi including lichens. The collection is primarily from the British Isles, with a focus on Scotland, but there are also over 11,000 specimens from Europe and the rest of the world. Most of the collection is made up of dried plant specimens mounted on herbarium sheets or held in small packets. There are also small collections of fruits and fruit seeds (carpological specimens), timber and a few other morphological specimens, and microscopic slides.

In addition, there are a number of known or possible type specimens in the collection. The most important are in Stirton’s lichen and moss collections (exotic and UK), which contain more than 700 named type specimens. Other important collectors well represented in the collection include R Spruce, W Harvey, E Holmes, E Fries, W Mudd and A Lister.