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Glasgow Museums has a technology collection of approximately 3,000 objects. These date from 1700 to 1999 and comprise communication, optical, agricultural and engineering technologies as well as a few industrial machines, and numerous hand tools.

Communications technology is predominantly electronic, with objects ranging from submarine telegraph cables to a red telephone box. Optical technology is primarily composed of cameras; the largest optical object is part of the lens from the Toward lighthouse. Sound equipment consists of phonographs and gramophones, record players, radiograms, radios, dictaphones, amplifiers, speakers and other items. The most significant of these is a Baird televisor receiving set, which was made in the 1930s.

The engineering aspect of the collection includes generators, dynamos, model engines and heat engines not used in transport. The collection also contains a few carpet and textile machines, rope-making machinery and hand tools, notably an assemblage of tools made by the Glasgow toolmakers Alexander Mathieson and Son.