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Middle East

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Glasgow Museums has a collection of approximately 1,155 objects from the Middle East. These date broadly from 900 to 2000.

This collection comprises Islamic cultural and religious objects. It relates to 13 countries, and represents an area including Iran, the Caucuses, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Jordan and parts of the Arabian Peninsula. The collection contains carpets, costumes and textiles, ceramics, metals, coins and medals, arms and armour, musical instruments, works on paper, furniture, woodwork and ethnographic material. Among these are objects of international significance, including Turkish Iznik ceramics, Ottoman textiles, Anatolian prayer rugs, Persian lustre-painted and enamelled ceramics, and piled carpets that are of high quality and key examples of the decorative arts of the region. In addition, there are a number of objects that are rare and unique examples of their genre. These include the Persian Wagner Garden Carpet, the Azerbaijani Dragon Carpet and the Iraqi spike fiddle.