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Images of Glasgow People

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Glasgow Museums has a collection of approximately 3,000 images relating to the people of Glasgow which date from between 1690 and 1997.

This collection comprises photographs, paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture and Tassie medallions. These images represent a range of both influential and ordinary Glaswegians since the late 17th century, from James Watt and tobacco lord John Glassford to Eddie, the homeless man sitting outside the 'Mission', about 1990. Other people represented include New Lanark Mills pioneer David Dale and 19th century street character 'Old Malabar'. It also includes images of the mathematician and physicist Lord Kelvin; tea merchant and yachtsman Thomas Lipton; socialist MP and founder of the Independent Labour Party (ILP) Keir Hardie, socialist James Maxton and comedian and actor Billy Connolly. There are also portraits of Lord Provosts of Glasgow and the surrounding burghs as well as studio photographic portraits, cartes de visites, photographs of school and working environments and sculpture.

The Tassie medallions also include images of notable Glaswegians.