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French Tapestry

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Glasgow Museums has a collection of approximately 84 French tapestries which date broadly from the mid-15th to the early 16th century with the exception of two significant fragments attributed to the famous late 14th century 'Apocalypse of Angers' set and a tapestry woven about 1800 at Beauvais.

This collection includes mostly medium and large-scale tapestries which are highly sophisticated and of the type commissioned by wealthy aristocrats and royalty from all over Europe. Many were woven using rich silk and/or precious metal threads for added lustre and prestige. Subject matter of the wall-hangings most of which were originally part of sets includes hunting scenes, episodes from the Trojan wars, and exotic subjects.

French tapestries are often sub-classified as 'Franco-Burgundian' and 'Franco-Flemish' as the dukedom of Burgundy was governed separately from France until 1477 with the Dukes of Burgundy, closely followed by the Emperor Charles V, ruling over tapestry-weaving centres in Flanders until the mid-16th century. This collection of French tapestries is therefore is closely associated with the South Netherlandish tapestries collection.