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Ancient Civilizations

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Glasgow Museums has a significant collection relating to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Cyprus, the Near East, Greece, Rome, China and South America. It comprises over 10,000 objects, which date from 5500 BC to AD 2002.

This collection boasts some 5,000 Egyptian artefacts. These date from the early Predynastic to the Islamic Periods (5500 BC–AD 641), and illustrate many aspects of Ancient Egyptian civilization. The Ancient Near Eastern collection comprises a variety of antiquities, dating from 4000 BC to AD 400. An important collection of approximately 480 Cypriot antiquities dates from about 2500 BC, in the Bronze Age, to the 18th century. The Ancient Greek and Roman collection, dating from 2200 BC to AD 400, is principally composed of 139 ceramics, terracotta model acting masks, figurines from the Aeolian island of Lipari, and about 2,000 ancient coins from across the classical world. The Andean collection dates from 50 to 2002 and mainly comprises Peruvian ceramics.