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YOU ARE IN: Human History; Religions Islam

Glasgow Museums has a collection of 2,147 objects related to Islam. These date broadly from 900 to 2000.

This collection contains religious, semi-religious and secular materials. It includes metals, glass, pottery and ceramics, costumes and textiles, jewellery, carpets, arms and armour and coins and medals. In addition, there are works on paper, furniture and woodwork, shadow puppets, leather, stone, stucco, and a whole range of composite ethnographic material. The majority of objects come from the Middle East, Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia and Central Asia, with a few items from Spain, Sicily, China and Britain. The collection boasts several important groups of objects of fine artistic quality, such as Persian carpets and ceramics, Turkish textiles and ceramics, and Central Asian embroideries. It also has many individual pieces of exceptional quality from several countries across the Islamic world, including a Persian Wagner Garden carpet, a Mughal Indian shield, a Norman Sicilian ivory box and a Chinese Ming meiping vase.