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Provand's Lordship Furniture

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Glasgow Museums has a collection of over 70 pieces of furniture associated with the Provand's Lordship which date from between 1582 and 1750.

This collection includes chairs, desks, beds, tables, cradles and mirrors and originates from both Scotland and England, with some pieces possibly associated with France. It also holds many examples of chairs which derive from Aberdeenshire. Of these, one from Trinity Hall made by Andrew Watson represents an early use of hard wood, although the majority of the chairs are made of Scottish oak or pine. Other chairs frequently carry dates of construction, as well as the heraldic devices and initials of the owners. There are around 23 high backed chairs, four crowned armchairs and six armchairs, as well as marriage chairs, armorial chairs, a guild chair, farm chair, two child's chairs, and joynt stools. Other items include tables, cradles a desk, clock, bed, dresser and cupboards.

These items were mostly collected between 1908 and 1933 by Sir William Burrell on behalf of the Provand's Lordship Society. None of the furniture in this collection was therefore ever used in the house in its medieval or early modern periods of use. However this impressive collection of furniture assembled by the Society remains among Scotland's best collections of 17th century furniture.