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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find what you're looking for here, or on the main Help page, then please email the navigator team: [email protected].

Q: What are 'Collections'?
A: Collections are groups of objects that make sense on the basis of subject, culture, period, material and/or genre. Glasgow Museums has one collection which is made up of hundreds of smaller collections defined by these categories. In order to make sense of them all we group these collections into four distinctive areas - Art and Design, Human History, Transport and Technology and Natural History. From here we can break the collections down into smaller and smaller collections until the information becomes more specific.

Q: Why are not all of Glasgow Museums objects on here?
A: The Collections Navigator is broken down into collections which are represented by selected objects chosen by the curators. Given the number of objects Glasgow Museums holds - over 1.4 million - it was not feasible to add all of them to the collections within the time frame of the project. However, as the Navigator develops, it is anticipated that more collections and objects will be added.

Q: Why are some collection / object descriptions currently unavailable?
A: Curators are currently working hard to write descriptions for all of the objects and collections represented on the Navigator. However this process can be time consuming as some collections and related objects require more research. If there is a particualr object or collection you are interested in that does not yet have a description, please contact us at: [email protected]

Q: Why are so many of Glasgow Museums' objects in storage?
A: Despite having several venues Glasgow Museums, like many large museums, does not have enough space to adequately display most of its objects.

Q: How can I see some of the objects that are currently in storage?
A: For information on how to see our objects in storage please go to: Seeing and Researching the collection.