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The Heritage Lottery Fund has contributed to the development of the Collections Navigator


The Collections Navigator is a searchable database of 1,257 collections and over 3,000 images of Glasgow Museumsí extensive collection of objects.

Here you can discover all of the collections within the specialist areas of Art and Design, Human History, Natural History and Transport and Technology while also viewing some of the many highlighted objects, chosen by curators, which relate to these collections. There are over 1 million objects in the Glasgow Museums' collections which unfortunately cannot all be individually represented on the Collections Navigator. If you cannot find an object you are looking for please contact us at [email protected].

The Collections Navigator also provides details of how best to see the collections, including the arrangement of your own special viewing of the many objects not on display.

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Please Note: New infomation is exported daily to the Collections Navigator at 3:00pm GMT, at which time you may experience a short disruption in service.