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LGBT Histories and Experiences


These historic and contemporary objects within Glasgow Museums all have a connection to LGBT topics – whether that is relating to the artist, sitter, specific subject matter or story – and explore the issues of gender, sexuality and identity. These diverse objects range from ancient statues to modern everyday objects and offer an opportunity to incorporate LGBT issues into a number of different school topics; from religious studies and history to art and design and English.

Both in the past, and even today, people who experience same-sex love or gender diversity have faced intense social stigma and discrimination. Museums around the world have often ‘hidden’ the LGBT histories and stories of the objects in their collections. It has only been recently that their importance and legacy has been researched, catalogued and appreciated, and Glasgow Museums is actively engaging and representing LGBT histories within our collections. With the recent addition of LGBT topics to the Curriculum of Excellence, the following objects can from an integral part of any lesson plans and serve as a starting point for classroom discussions and projects.

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