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Fecht und Ringerbuch


Johannes Liechtenauer


early 16th century


paper, leather


This remarkable manuscript contains the work of many different German-speaking fight masters on various forms of combat. Much of its content was written by followers of the influential 14th century master Johannes Liechtenauer. His Kunst des langen Schwerts (Art of the Longsword) was taken and adapted by later masters such as Sigmund Ringeck and Martin Sieber. Leichtenauer’s teachings on mounted combat and fighting in armour are also included.

In addition to these there are the works of the wrestling Meister Ott, the art of fighting in armour by Martin Hundfeld, Andres Liegnitzer’s fighting with the buckler, as well as the instructions of anonymous masters. What is even more exceptional is that some of these treatises are enlivened with vibrant illustrations displaying the multifarious guards, grips, feints, and attacks.

An influential scholar of arms and armour wrote of R. L. Scott, the Greenock shipbuilder who bequeathed this item along with thousands of others to the people of Glasgow: ‘few were better versed in points of arms than Mr Scott’.

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