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Glasgow Museums has a collection of approximately 500 glass windows and panels, plus 4,000 designs and full-sized cartoons on paper. It dates broadly from 1850 to 1939. This collection spans both the sacred and the secular – from windows and panels designed and produced for churches to those made for Glasgow’s banks and civic buildings, domestic properties, shops, restaurants and transport waiting rooms. It holds leaded- and stained-glass panels, and also contains designs and full-sized cartoons on paper, including those for painted and etched glass, and associated manufacturing items and samples. The collection reflects the revival and popularity of leaded glass design and manufacture in late 19th and early 20th century Glasgow, and also has a few examples of late 20th century Scottish stained glass. Workshops and designers represented include both those who designed and produced leaded glass as part of their larger interior decoration businesses, such as Daniel Cottier, Guthrie & Wells and George Walton & Co., and those who were devoted to solely stained-glass production, such as Stephen Adam, Hugh McCulloch & Co., William Meikle & Co., JT & CE Stewart and JP McPhie & Co.

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Scottish Decorative Arts and Design

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