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Glasgow Museums has an extensive collection of over 21,000 objects related to transport and technology. These objects date from about 1700 to the present. This collection comprises objects ranging from small ship models to large steam locomotives. Many of these objects are unique to Glasgow, while boasting national and international significance. Road transport, including horse-drawn vehicles, is represented by an impressive array of automobiles, many Scottish-built. Other motorized vehicles, such as lorries and buses, are also represented. The railways collection, also emblematic of Scottish builders, encompasses several trams. These were built in the city to operate on Glasgow’s city-wide system. They form the largest grouping from a civic tram system anywhere in Europe. The marine engineering collection contains four notable engines, while the air transport collection notably includes the Vickers-Armstrongs Supermarine Spitfire. Technology is represented by electronic communications equipment, optical technology, scientific instruments and, on the engineering side, stationary steam engines, generators and dynamos. Notable items in the collection include the oldest surviving bicycle in the world, a Vickers-Armstrongs Supermarine Spitfire and the remains of a Gurney steam carriage.

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