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Roll of Honour

Roll of honour from the First World War 191418

Roll of honour from the First World War 191418

This roll of honour commemorates the 44 members of the staff of the Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society (SCWS) Sundries Department, based at Shieldhall in Glasgow, who left to serve their country in World War One.

Jenny McKinnon became a nurse, but the others all joined the armed services in one way or another. Angus MacLachlan joined the Tank Corps, James Hill the Scottish Rifles, and Robert Wylie the Royal Navy. Almost a quarter of those who left the Sundries Dept joined the Highland Light Infantry (HLI), a regiment closely associated with Glasgow.

The 17th Battalion of the HLI was formed following a meeting at the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce in September 1914, and left in November 1915 for active service in France.

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