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Guild chair

Oak chair, Scottish, 1667

Oak chair, Scottish, 1667

Oak guild chair dated 1657 and arcaded under the seat with AW 16 Acon 57 (Acting convenor of Trades Guild, Aberdeen). The Incorporation of Fleshers of Aberdeen joined the Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen in 1657 which allowed to them to use Aberdeen's first Trinity Hall. The Incorporation recruited members from skilled butchers and had first been incorporated as a trade in 1534. It became custom for new entrants to provide a meal as part of their entrance, making use of their skills and suppliers.

The AW stands for Andrew Watson who was the leader, or Deacon, of the Incorporation and represented the members' interests in Aberdeen Town Council meetings and Trinity Hall meetings. The chair, decorated with the arms of the Incorporation, flanked with fluted pilasters, marks his and the Incorporation's status. The cared oak tree armorial is traditionaly used as the Watson coat of arms. He would have paid for the chair as his contribution to Trinity House and showing his and his Incorporation's good faith. The word Acon could refer to action being taken by Watson and the Incorporation formally joining the city's Trinity House and trades.

Object donated to Provand's Lordship Society by Burrell Fund, 3 March 1927.

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