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Silk embroidered stomacher, English, circa 16751700

Silk embroidered stomacher, English, circa 16751700

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Several styles of dress worn during the late 16th to the late 18th century were variations of an open gown. Often these were cut with their bodices open at the front, leaving a large V-shaped opening that either revealed the front of a pair of decorative stays or, more often, was filled with a triangular panel known as a stomacher that would be pinned, sewn or tied into position each day.

An early surviving example from the late 17th-century is made from yellow corded silk, embroidered with coloured silk and silver threads in a slightly asymmetrical design with a large rose in the centre surrounded by smaller flowers and foliage.

It was acquired by Sir William Burrell in 1910 and hung for several years framed over the mantelpiece in the Tower Sitting Room at his home, Hutton Castle, in the Scottish Borders.

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