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Triumph of the Virgin

Tapestry, The Triumph of the Virgin, Flemish, about 1500

Tapestry, The Triumph of the Virgin, Flemish, about 1500

Tapestry woven with wool and silk wefts and wool warps depicting the Triumph of the Virgin. Centre the Virgin Mary and Christ Child are sat surrounded by a glory of angels and adorers, including kings, a bishop and a cardinal, bearing a patriarchal cross, banderols ‘O pia’ (‘Oh devout one’) and ‘O dulcis maria’ (’Oh sweet Mary’) flanked by the Adoration of the Magi and possibly Solomon honouring his mother. Left probably the Queen of Sheba presents gifts to Solomon. Right an unidentified scene comprising early and modern fragments.

Whilst large sections of this tapestry were probably woven in Brussels in about 1500, this tapestry was substantially restored in the 1936-38 with the upper left, upper right sections and much of the border woven by the Cambridge Tapestry Company Ltd. following designs drawn by Mary Rhodes.

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