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Banana Boots

Billy Connolly's banana boots, made by Edmund Smith, Scottish

Billy Connolly's banana boots, made by Edmund Smith, Scottish

Man’s boot or Banana Boot, one of a pair (with PP.1984.195.2), with yellow upper in imitation of a banana. Worn by Billy Connolly.

These boots were designed and made for Billy Connolly by the Glasgow pop artist, Edmund Smith, in 1975. Billy ordered a pair of size 9 bananas. On completion of the first banana the artist cautioned that the second one would not be identical - and so the second banana was given ‘designer status’ by the addition of the famous Fyffes label.

The boots made their first appearance on stage at the Music Hall in Aberdeen in August 1975. That same year the documentary, Big Banana Feet, was filmed, taking its title from the outrageous banana boots which almost became Billy’s trademark.

The boots and their wearer achieved iconic status as Billy introduced his definitive brand of the Glasgow ‘patter’ and humour to a worldwide audience. As a result he has become one of Scotland’s biggest international star and a favourite son of popular culture.

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