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Glasgow Museums has a set of 12 banners from the series ‘Keeping Glasgow in Stitches’ - made to represent each month of the year in 1990 to celebrate Glasgow’s year as European City of Culture. This collection represents a unique project involving over 600 people of all ages and abilities from Glasgow and the Strathclyde region. It was organised jointly between Glasgow Museums and Needleworks, a Glasgow-based community business, with most of the embroidery taking place in public view in the Centre Hall at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Those involved in the project affectionately recall their experiences as they stitched by hand and machine and many can identify with pride those particular areas they worked on, remarking that this is ‘all my own work’. The overall design of the 12 banners was by Malcolm Lochhead. The unifying theme of the Clyde flows through the banners at the top while below is the letter or number that, when the banners are arranged in sequence, spells out ‘GLASGOW-1990’. Each individual banner is dedicated to the month of the year in which it was made. The complete set of 12 banners was unveiled in the Centre Hall at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum on 16 December 1990.

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